Our Clients


From that urgently required starter motor to a 700T excavator; dump trucks, graders, dozers and everything in between, CMX are capable of delivering anything to anywhere. Moving machinery is the backbone of our business and as we have built and expanded on our portfolio we have never lost sight of our origins. We move machinery and we do it well. Our operators are specialised forwarders; this means moving a CAT789 dump truck is as straightforward for them as sending a letter in the daily mail is for everyone else.


EPC contracts are generally awarded on a turn key basis with pre agreed budgets and timeframes set. At CMX we understand this model of business as it is the same style we practice everyday. With logistics often being an afterthought, we promote incorporating the costs and time associated with logistics in the early stages of EPC tender. Our EPC clients benefit from the knowledge provided by our logistic specialists at the start of their tender process, not after the contract has been awarded and it is too late to increase allowances in budget or schedule.

Construction & Infrastructure

Tunnels, bridges, roads, electrical grids, water supply; our infrastructure clients are responsible for providing essential facilities and systems to entire regions. Without this hard infrastructure a modern economy would not prosper. Integral to the success of an infrastructure project is a trusted logistics partner to ensure the desired outcome of the project is achieved. CMX works together with our clients making the successful delivery of their project a certainty.

Oil & Gas

Exploration and production of oil and gas requires unique technology and intricate knowledge. The same can be said for moving the equipment needed within this industry. Through knowledge accumulated from experience, moving this specialised equipment, CMX has everything required in order to deliver all our O&G clients cargoes from and to anywhere in the world safely and efficiently.


Water technologies, solar & wind energy production are fast growing industries. CMX knows how sensitive the types of cargo associated within the energy production industry can be and we relish in any opportunity to provide our clients within this sector with logistical solutions for their cargo. The degree of technicality required to be employed just adds to the satisfaction experienced upon delivery!

Agriculture & Forestry

When it comes to machinery used in the industries of agriculture and forestry there are generally numerous additional requirements that need to be met by many countries environmental agencies in order to allow passage into/ out of their country. In addition to dirt contamination there is also the threat posed by seeds and bugs found in the ecosystems where these machines were working being foreign and damaging to the country where the machine is being imported into. CMX is well versed in all requirements of import & export of the types of equipment used in these industries, ensuring that your machine gets to its destination with minimal interruptions each and every time.


CMX has experience shipping all types of water crafts. Whether it is for commercial or private use, a jet ski or even a reef exploration pontoon, CMX has shipped it all.


Our business having been built on shipping large rolling stock, provides us with opportunity to negotiate competitive pricing with some of the worlds largest RORO carriers. Our existing automotive clients have already realized the numerous benefits associated with utilizing CMX. Leave the shipping arrangements of your fleet or personal motor vehicle to us and rest assured you will be receiving the best pricing and service available.